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Differentiating all 80 funds under the "0% Unit Trust Sales Charge Promotion". Fund category, fund risk profile and %YTD included!

Hi readers, another 20 days left for the "Invest for as low as 0% unit trust sales charge promotion". 80 funds from 6 funds houses are on low sales charge promotion until the 31st of July 2015. 

Now the problem with 80 funds in a single promotion is that investors/readers aren't familiar with each and every fund. To be honest, I myself am only able to identify between 20 to 30 funds from the promo list.

Therefore to make things easier for everyone (including myself), I have taken the liberty to check out each fund and cross reference them with data from Morningstar. By doing so, I am able to provide you with the following details:
  • Fund Category - This will help you to narrow down the sector or geographical location where the fund is invested in. 
  • Risk Profile (relative to M'sia market) - This will help you to sort out the risk category of each fund. 
  • Year To Date (%YTD) as of 9th July 2015 - This information will tell you the performance of a fund from 1st January 2015 till 9th July 2015

All the details available for download!
Yup, that's right, details for all 80 funds have been updated in an excel file as shown in the screenshot below:
80 unit trust funds details
You may download the excel file HERE.

What can you do with the excel file?
Using the "sort & filter function", you can now sort funds based on the category, risk profile and YTD. Hopefully this will help you to:
  • Select the category that you wish to invest in (sector or geographical location)
  • Find out the risk profile of each fund
  • Compare YTD Returns between funds from the same category

Unable to download the excel file?
For readers whom are unable to download the excel, I've made it easier for you by sorting all the funds according to category:

Non Islamic Funds by Category
1) All things Asia (non Islamic) Funds   
Asia (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

2) BRIC (non Islamic) Funds (Brazil, Russia, India & China)
BRIC (non Islamic) Unit Trust Fund

3) Europe (non Islamic) Funds
Europe (non Islamic) Unit Trust Fund

4) Global (non Islamic) Funds
Global (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

5) Indonesia (non Islamic) Funds

Indonesia (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

6) Malaysia Equity (non Islamic) Funds
Malaysia Equity (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

7) MYR Allocation (non Islamic) Funds
MYR Allocation / Balanced (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

8) MYR Bond (non Islamic) Funds
MYR Bond (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

9) Australia (non Islamic) Funds
Australia (non Islamic) Unit Trust Fund

10) Property/REITS (non Islamic) Funds
Property/REITS (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

11) Various Sectors (non Islamic) Funds
Various Sectors (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

12) United States (non Islamic) Funds
US (non Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

Islamic Funds by Category
1) Asean (Islamic) Funds
Asean (Islamic) Unit Trust Fund

2) Asia Pacific Equity (Islamic) Funds
Asia Pacific Equity (Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

3) Greater China (Islamic) Funds
Greater China (Islamic) Unit Trust Fund

4) Global (Islamic) Funds
Global (Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

5) Malaysia Equity (Islamic) Funds
Malaysia Equity (Islamic) Uint Trust Funds

6) MYR Allocation / Balanced (Islamic) Funds
MYR Allocation/Balanced (Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

7) MYR Money Market and Bond (Islamic) Funds
Bond & Money Market (Islamic) Unit Trust Funds

I hope that the uploaded excel file as well as this post will help you understand better the funds listed under this promotion. By zooming into the category of your choice, you can further research upon the funds in that category before making a decision to invest. 

Lastly, if you have any questions with regards to the above post, feel free to drop me an email at

That's all for this post! Cheers and happy investing everyone!


Details about the "Invest for as low as 0% Sales Charge promotion"
If you've not heard or read about the ongoing promotion, you can check it out the details below:

How to invest?
In order to invest, you need to have an eUnittrust account. 
  • To read about the eUnittrust and its benefits, click HERE
  • To register an eUnittrust account, click HERE

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