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Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad - Part 2 (Amanah Saham Gemilang Fund)

The Amanah Saham Gemilang (ASG) Fund acts as an umbrella fund for 3 funds which consist of:

1. ASG - Pendidikan (Education)
2. ASG - Kesihatan (Health)
3. ASG - Persaraan (Retirement)

Although the three funds are given different names, the objectives of these funds, like any other mutual funds are the same, which is to generate long term growth and returns.

We next look at the important information for each of the funds.

Asset Allocation: 

ASG - Pendidikan (Education)
51.59% of this fund is allocated into equity
48.41% is invested into investment instruments and asset

ASG - Kesihatan (Health)
59.44% of this fund is allocated into equity
40.56% is invested into investment instruments and asset

ASG - Persaraan (Retirement)
62.79% of this fund is allocated into equity
37.21% is invested into investment instruments and asset

Albeit the fact that ASG - Persaraan is meant for retirement, this fund allocates the highest percentage of their assets into the equity market. Perhaps this could just be a strategy of the fund manager to ride on the current equity market which is performing above expectations. 

Average Annual Returns:

The average annual returns for the 3 funds over a period of 1, 3 and 5 years are shown in the table below. This statistics are obtained from the Annual Report but one thing I am still unsure off is whether the figures are after the deduction of the Annual Management Fees or not?? Most mutual funds annual report display figures of average annual returns after deduction of the Management Fees. I believe the same applies for ASG as well.


For Malaysians who do not understand Bahasa Melayu, the translation as follows:

"Jumlah Purata Pulangan (%)" is defined as "Total Average Returns". 

"Penanda Aras (%)" is "Benchmark Value"

From the table, ASG-Persaraan is the best performing fund amongst the three for period of 1, 3 and 5 Years. Long term investor who target a five year investment should be satisfied with ASG-Persaraan's annual average return of 9.42%.
*Note : Fixed Deposit Rate is currently at 3 ~ 3.5%, Inflation Rate is about 4 ~ 5 %.

Top 3 Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) Indices Invested by ASG as of 30th Sept 2012

ASG - Pendidikan (Education)
1. Services - (RM 11,211,115)
2. Finance - (RM 7,385,559)
3. Agriculture - (RM 2,105,196)

ASG - Kesihatan (Health)
1. Services - (RM 16,618,705)
2. Finance - (RM 13,824,473)
3. Agriculture - (RM 2,767,592)

ASG - Persaraan (Retirement)
1. Services - (RM 4,473,923)
2. Finance - (RM 2,775,323)
3. REITS - (RM 1,689,641)

With services indice taking up the largest chuck of the investment, Sime Darby and Bumi Armada are the two dominant equity purchased by all three funds. For the Finance indice, we see Maybank and Public Bank shares taking up the majority of the fund invested.

Charges for Purchasing This Fund as of 30 Sept 2012

Management Fee : 1% Per Year Over NAV
Trustee Fee : 0.07% Per Year Over NAV

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  1. Thanks for the information on ASG. You have clearly explain about this investments. Would appreciate it much if you can share the the dividen percentage paid yearly by AGM.. and also comparing ASG with other investment by PNB