Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Top 10 Best Performing Unit Trust Funds As of 15th Jan 2013

I bring you the Top 10 Best Performing Unit Trust Fund as of 15th January 2013. Funds are grouped according to 4 Major Categories consisting of:
1. Equity Malaysia
2. Asia Excluding Japan
3. Greater China
4. Fixed Income (Malaysia)

All funds are ranked according to their Average 5 Year Returns (Annualized). 

Starting today, I'll be introducing a simple system to track the movement of the Top 10 funds in comparison to their previous ranking. Therefore the Top 10 funds for 15th January 2012 are compared with the fund previous ranking (1st January 2012). Funds movement are indicated based on the legend shown below:
Category : Equity Malaysia (Click Picture to Enlarge)

Overview for Equity Malaysia:
1. The usual suspects of MAAKL-HDBS Fixed Fund, AMB Dividend Trust Fund and Kenanga Growth Fund occupy the top three position of the best performing Equity Malaysia Fund once again. The big three as I would like to term them have also average more then 11% returns annualized over the 5 year period making them the choice of investment for many unit trust investors.
2. Impressive 1 year returns from Philip Master Equity Growth Fund and MAAKL Al-Fauzan helped raised respective Average 5 Year Returns.

Funds to watch :
1. MAAKL Al-Fauzan
2. Public Focus Select Fund
3. Hwang AIIMAN Growth (there is a similar fund offered by Hwang Management Sdn. Bhd. for PRS investment, click HERE to read more)

Category : Asia excluding Japan (Click Picture to Enlarge)

Overview for Asia excluding Japan
1. The top 5 of Asia excluding Japan funds have posted double digit returns for the past one year. A good sign that the Asia market is recovering. I've read several articles which are also expecting better performance of the Asia economy for 2013. Recommended to buy only as a diversification of your portfolio.
2. We also see the entry of MAAKL Pacific Fund into the top 10 list in place of PB Islamic Asia Strategic Sector Fund.. The rise of MAAKL Pacific Fund is due to the 13.06% returns for the one year period (3rd best ranked fund over the one year period).

Funds to watch:
1. MAAKL Pacific Fund
2. Hong Leong Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund
3. PB Islamic Asia Equity Fund

Category : Greater China (Click Picture to Enlarge)

Overview for Greater China
1. The top 10 funds remain unchanged in terms of ranking. As I have mentioned previously, buying Greater China funds is an option if your intend to diversify your portfolio. 
2. One year performance of all the funds are encouraging especially funds from CIMB.

Funds to watch:
1. CIMB-Principal Greater China Equity Fund
2. PB China Pacific Equity Fund
3. Hwang China Select Fund

Category : Fixed Income - Malaysia (Click Picture to Enlarge)

Overview Fixed Income - Malaysia
1. AmDynamic Bond remains the best performing Fixed Income - Malaysia fund. Not surprising with the average of 8.59% returns over 5 years. 
2. KAF Bond Fund rises from 4th to 3rd rank although their 1 year performance have not been encouraging. I believe the past couple of years, KAF Bond Fund should be averaging quite a high figure only to see a drop in ranking recently due to poor performance. Good news for all as KAF Bond Fund can now be purchased at eUnittrust!

Funds to watch:
1. RHB Golden Life Today

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  1. Bro.. Can share in your blog what is your portfolio construction like?

  2. hi there Ethan! the reason i have not put up my portfolio is because i don't want to look as if i am endorsing any one of the funds. hope you get what I mean. :-)

  3. good material bro! enjoyed ur postings.