Monday, 27 May 2013


Here are some general statistics about Unit Trust taken from Securities Commission website, updated 31st March 2013:

Key Points:
  • There are 41 different Fund Management Companies
  • The fund management companies manage a total of 609 funds
  • 436 funds are Conventional Type ( funds can invest into anything that is available under the sun)
  • 173 funds are Islamic Type (funds that are managed according to the Syariah law, no casinos, gambling, alcohol and banking stocks)
  • 20.90% of our Bursa Malaysia Stock Market Capitalization consist of asset managed by equity related unit trust funds.
Th purpose of today's short post is to highlight the fact that there is not only one unit trust company in the market. Secondly, these statistics I hope will help broaden your perspective about unit trust investing by realizing that as an investor you have the right to be choosy and picky when it comes to selecting a fund to invest in. In fact with 609 funds available, you might need to refer to certain consultants for advice.

Investing Unit trust is similar to buying a car. If you have the "moolah" you can choose between a Merz, an Audi or perhaps a BMW. Just because Public Mutual a Merz is an older and more established brand in Malaysia, it does not mean you have to buy a Merz.....if you get my point.

Cheers and Happy Investing

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