Monday, 25 May 2015

Attend The Biggest Investment Conference In Malaysia Absolutely FREE!

Good news for Invest Made Easy readers! 

Invest Made Easy in a collaboration with PhillipCapital Malaysia is offering you an opportunity to attend one of the biggest annual investment conference in Malaysia absolutely FREE!

Which conference is this?
This is PhillipCapital's 6th Annual Investment Conference!

When, Where and What Time?

List of Speakers?

Participating Fund Houses?

What benefits will you get from attending this conference?
This Annual Conference brings you more than 10 distinguished speakers to share insightful and up-to date topics ranging from the global economy, investment strategies to investors' sentiments. Conference Highlights include:
  • Renowned investment and fund management experts both local and from abroad
  • Panel discussion on strategies for the second half of 2015
  • Concurrent sessions on a wide range of topics ranging from equity and derivatives to investment approaches to cater to participants' diverse interest
  • Focal point for investment and wealth management insights
  • Excellent opportunity for networking and personal interaction with industry professionals and service providers

Never been to a conference of this scale before?
Check out the pictures from the 4th and 5th Conference to get an idea of how big of an event the upcomming conference will be:

2013 - 4th Investment Conference:
Phillip Capital 4th Annual Investment Conference 2013, A Raging Success!

2014 - 5th Investment Conference:

The crowd
Full house
CIOs and Fund Managers 

Now you can attend the 6th Investment Conference for FREE too!
Thanks to a special collaboration between Invest Made Easy (IME) with PhillipCapital Malaysia, we are giving our readers an opportunity to attend this conference absolutely FREE! In order to get your FREE conference ticket you only need to fulfill one simple condition.

What condition is that?
All you need to do is to sign up a FREE account with eUnittrust via this link below:

Never heard of eUnittrust before? Find out all about this awesome Unit Trust Investing Platform HERE

When will I get the FREE ticket after signing up with eUnittrust?
Once you've completed the sign up and obtained an account ID with eUnittrust, the conference ticket will be sent to you automatically via email.

If you did not receive you conference ticket within 7 days of receiving your eUnittrust account ID, just drop me an email at I'll personally follow up your case with the eUnittrust team.

What is the purpose of this collaboration?
This collaboration between IME with PhillipCapital Malaysia is intended to empower investors through education and to equip them with the right tool to manage their own investment. From this collaboration, we hope to achieve the following outcomes:
  1. We want you to have a better understanding about unit trust investing!
  2. We want you to be in control of your investment by giving you an online tool (eUnittrust) that allows you to choose from a wide range of funds to invest in as well as save on sales charge!
  3. We want to empower you with knowledge through expert views shared during this conference!
The best thing about this joint collaboration is that we are giving you all following benefits at zero cost:
  1. FREE ticket to attend one of the biggest investment conference in Malaysia. 
  2. FREE investment knowledge from top fund managers in the country
  3. FREE investment outlook and strategy to apply for your unit trust investment.
  4. FREE eUnittrust account with no obligation to invest, no yearly charges, no maintenance fees and no hidden fees.

Am I being paid to post this?
Nope, I am NOT being paid by PhillipCapital Malaysia to promote this event. Neither am I earning any commission from ticket sales. I'm doing this as part of Invest Made Easy's mission to educate and empower the Malaysian community.

Got questions?
Email me at

Happy investing and most importantly, what are you waiting for? FREE seat are limited!

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