Friday, 6 May 2016

Earn a FREE ticket to Malaysia's Biggest Investment Conference (Sponsored by Phillip Capital Malaysia)

Where Investors & Financial Experts Converge
Malaysia's Biggest Investment Conference is back again for its 7th Year! 

What's in store at the conference?
  • More than 10 distinguished speakers to share their insights on global economy, investment strategy and investor's sentiment
  • Renowned investment and fund management experts both locally and overseas
  • Panel discussion on strategies for the second half of 2016
  • Concurrent sessions on a wide range of topics from equity, derivatives and investment approach to cater to participants' diverse interest
  • Focal point for investment and wealth management insights
  • Excellent opportunity for networking and personal interaction with industry professionals and service providers

Time, Date and Location?
Date : 18th June 2016
Time : 9am - 6pm
Location : Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

Now here's your opportunity to earn a FREE ticket to the conference courtesy of Phillip Capital Malaysia!

Invest Made Easy in a special arrangement with Phillip Capital is once again offering you an opportunity to attend the conference absolutely FREE! For those who still remember, last year we gave out FREE tickets only to readers registering a new account with eUnitrust.

This year we've stepped up our game! Apart from obtaining 50 FREE tickets from our sponsor, we are also offering three methods for readers to earn a free ticket. All you need to do is to fulfill any one of the method below:


Method 1 : Register a FREE account with eUnittrust
Successful registration of a new eUnittrust account entitles you to a free ticket to the conference!

Method 2 : Refer a Friend to register a FREE account with eUnittrust
For existing eUnittrust account holders, surely we have not forgotten about you. Just tell a friend about how awesome eUnittrust is and refer he or she to register a new account. Successful registration of an account by your friend entitles the both of you free tickets to the conference. How awesome is that? Now the both of you may attend the conference together!

Method 3 : Subscribe to Unit Trust Made Easy
Subscribe to Malaysia's first ever unit trust learning platform. Unit Trust Made Easy is designed to help you kick start and manage your own unit trust investment via a comprehensive 5 Steps Guide. Successful subscription will entitle you to a free ticket to the conference! 


For any question or inquiry, reach out to us via email at or Facebook message us at


What is eUnittrust?
eUnittrust is an online unit trust platform own and managed by Phillip Capital Malaysia. This platform is the future of unit trust investing as it allows the investor to take control and manage their own unit trust investment.

Why everyone should absolutely have an eUnittrust account?
  1. You can now buy, sell and monitor your unit trust investment online at only 2% sales charge. The best thing is that eUnittrust tend to carry out regular promotional campaigns which allows you the opportunity to invest for as low as 0% sales charge! Now that's what you call saving on sales charge!
  2. You get to choose from a vast variety of unit trust funds (>300 funds) from famous Fund Houses such as Kenanga, Eastspring, RHB, AmBank, Manulife, Affin Hwang and many more. This allows you to have a wider option of top performing funds to choose from instead of just buying funds from an agent affiliated to only one company in particular.
  3. You are in control of your own investment. By that I'm referring to the power of investing directly via your PC/Laptop.Mobile. Investment transaction is made easy through online banking via Maybank, CIMB and many more. This makes investing much more convenient as compared to traditional practice of issuance of check or bank deposit slip.
  4. There's no risk of losing your money even if the online platform closes down. That is because the platform acts as a medium to help you invest with the fund house of your choice. For example if you invest in Kenanga Funds, the platform helps you to invest directly with Kenanga. Know that your investment is then passed on to Kenanga and not kept/held by the online platform. Therefore even if eUnittrust shuts down, your investment is still kept safely and recorded with Kenanga. 
  5. There's NO Registration Fee and NO Annual Fee for opening an account with eUnittrust. As a matter of fact, you can open an account without any obligation to invest. Look at it as having a tool ready for use when you ultimately decide to invest.

What is Unit Trust Made Easy?
Unit Trust Made Easy is Malaysia's first ever 5 steps online unit trust guide created to help Malaysians kick start and take control of their unit trust investment.

Long has it been where Malaysians have to depend on others to advise them about unit trust. With this comprehensive five step guide created by Shane See (owner of investment blog Invest Made Easy), Malaysians can now learn all about unit trust, determine their own specific financial goals, discover their risk tolerance, apply the right strategy and utilize the best tools & resources in the market to invest.

In addition, Unit Trust Made Easy is also a living platform whereby the author will continuously update new information, introduce new strategies, provide updates as well as introduce new tools and resources.

In a nutshell, everything about unit trust investing for Malaysians is compiled into a single platform and readily made available at an affordable one time subscription cost of RM50.

Link to Unit Trust Made Easy:

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