Tuesday, 25 April 2017

IME Unit Trust Investment Portfolio 2017 - Portfolio Changes as of 25 April 2017

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Referring back to our post on Recommended Unit Trust Portfolio 2017, I have highlighted that our 2017 unit trust portfolio will change according to the country indicators tracked by "The Guided Investor

Now the latest update from The Guided Investor (dated 24th April 2017) indicate that two (2) new countries, Australia and India have become attractive to invest into.  
India and Australia have become attractive for investment

Therefore, I have made the necessary changes to our 2017 portfolio composition as shown in the picture below:
Added 10% allocation to Australia and India respectively (highlighted in red font)

Since the portfolio composition have changed, our IME's Unit Trust Investment Portfolio will also include funds that have exposure into Australia and India. Here's how our new recommended unit trust portfolio as of 25th April 2017.

Invest Made Easy's Recommended Funds for 2017 Portfolio (updated 25th April 2017)
1) Combination of Conventional & Shariah Compliant Funds Portfolio
Since two new countries have been added to the portfolio, I have decided to allocate 10% to invest into unit trust funds with exposure to the two countries. This will now reduce the money market allocation from 30% to 10%. For exposure into Australia, I have picked AM Australia fund as the recommended fund. As for India, my choice of fund would be Manulife India Equity fund.

Summary of the funds in this portfolio as shown below:
Conventional Portfolio - Changes highlighted in red

2) Full Shariah Compliant Funds Portfolio
Due to limitation of shariah compliant funds with exposure to specific country. I had to tweak this portfolio with the following changes.
  • For exposure into India, I will be adding an extra 5% to Emerging Market (TA BRIC & Emerging Markets fund) which already has exposure to India. Do take note that BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  • For exposure into Australia, I had to search for a Shariah Compliant fund with exposure into Asia Pacific. Fortunately, I found this fund called Aberdeen Islamic Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity fund which has 10.5% of its NAV invested into Australia. As an added bonus, the fund also has 17.9% exposure into India. 
Country allocation for Aberdeen Islamic Asia Pacific ex Japan
This is the summary of our Shariah Compliant Funds portfolio:
Shariah Portfolio - Changes highlighted in red

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