Wednesday, 31 January 2018

I Just Invested into IME's Recommended Unit Trust Portfolio 2018!

That's right, I have just invested into our Invest Made Easy's Recommended Unit Trust Portfolio 2018 (specifically the conventional portfolio) via eUnittrust!

Just to recap, I released our recommended unit trust portfolio for 2018 on the 20th of January 2018 as shown below:
2018 Recommended Unit Trust Portfolio 
However, I have yet to make any investment into these funds as I was waiting for eUnittrust next Sales Charge promotion. Having said that, eUnittrust just launched their latest sales charge promotion campaign for 229 unit trust funds over the entire month of February 2018!

Taking advantage of the CNY sales charge promotion, I have invested into the following:
  • A total of RM8,000 invested into funds according to the % allocation of the conventional portfolio (excluding money market because I have set aside spare cash elsewhere). 
  • RM2,000 into RHB Gold and General Fund
  • RM1,500 into Manulife India Equity Fund
  • RM1,500 into CIMB-Principal Greater China Equity Fund
  • RM1,500 into AmSchroders European Equity Alpha Fund
  • The remaining RM1,500 was to be invested into Advantage BRIC Fund. However this fund is currently not available in eUnittrust and will be replaced instead with Global Emerging Market Opportunities Fund.
Here's how the Revised IME's Recommended Unit Trust Portfolio 2018 looks like this:
Revised IME's Recommended Unit Trust Porfolio 2018
With the ongoing sales charge promo, I was able to purchase all the funds for the conventional portfolio at 1% to 1.5% sales charge. However if you are investing more than RM5,000 per fund, the sales charge campaign allows you to enjoy between 0% to 1% sales charge!

Proof of my investment and the sales charge discount as shown by this screenshot of the transaction I just made at eUnittrust!
eUnittrust fund purchase - Click to Enlarge
With the ongoing sales charge campaign by eUnittrust, this is the right time for an investor to invest into unit trust without having to pay a hefty sales charge upfront. If you are clueless about what to invest, feel free to check out these two blog post I have shared over the month of January 2018:
If you're following our recommended unit trust fund portfolio, make sure to also keep track of the changes in the country attractiveness to invest by logging into "The Guided Investor". It's free to use by the way.

Never heard of eUnittrust? Well find out more about it by checking out this blog post below:
Lastly, if you need help or advise on matters related to unit trust, feel free to contact me (PM) via Invest Made Easy Facebook page

That's all I have for this blog post.

Wishing all of you an awesome week ahead!

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