Sunday, 17 February 2013

EPF Announces 2012 Dividend Payout!

Although it is expected that the actual announcement to be somewhere next week, EPF decided to spring a surprise by picking today (which also coincides with the first day of Chinese New Year for Hokkiens) to make an announcement. In a press release dated 17th February 2013 taken from EPF's website, I hereby summarized the details of the announcement:

1. Historical EPF Dividend Rates vs Fixed Deposit (12 months) & Inflation (FDI):

2. Amount Needed to Pay Each 1% Dividend Rate:

3. EPF Investment Asset Growth in 2012 and 2011:

4. EPF Gross Investment Income in 2012 and 2011

5. Total EPF Gross Investment Income for 2012 : RM 31.02 billion
6. Total Dividend Payout : RM 27.45 billion

Actual % Dividend Payout : 

Other Details from the Announcement

Members may check their EPF Account Statement for the crediting of the 2012 dividend, either through EPF Kiosks, counters or  i-Akaun, from Monday, 18 February 2013.
Members age 55 and above may withdraw the annual dividend credited into their account as one of several payment options available under the Age 55 Withdrawal. For more information on this withdrawal, please contact EPF Call Centre at 03 – 8922 6000 from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm from Monday to Friday or log on to myEPF
Predicted EPF Payout
In an older post titled "EPF Dividend, Big or Small 'Ang Pow'", I tried to predict the Dividend Payout for EPF 2012 as shown below:

Total EPF Gross Investment Income : RM 29.70 billion
Predicted % Dividend Payout : 6.12%

Difference between the real dividend payout vs predicted dividend payout : 0.03%

Not too bad for an amateur prediction! (grin)

Cheers and Happy Investing!

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