Monday, 6 April 2015


I've been selecting and picking my own stocks for the past two years with the objective of mid to long term investment (1-5 years). Perhaps by a stroke of luck, the stocks I have picked over the past two years are doing decently well.

This has spurned/motivated me to share my picks for readers here. I do not claim myself to be an expert in stock investment and I do not guarantee that these picks would profit.

Never the less, I would like to share my picks in a portfolio that I would term as "IME Stock Portfolio".

Generally, I select stocks using a three (3) stage filtering process. These stages consist of:

1st Stage

  • Filtering stocks based on ROE of that company. Only companies with ROE above 15% are selected.

2nd Stage

  • Based on the filtered company from 1st Stage, a simple technical analysis is carried out to determine the sentiment of investors towards that stock.
  • For example some stocks have high ROE but is not a popular stock among investors. These stocks would be eliminated from the list.

3rd Stage

  • Stocks that passes Stage 1 and 2 will then be used to derived their Fair Value.
  • The fair value of these stocks are then compared to their current market price.
  • If fair value of these stocks are below or equal the current market price, I will include the stock into the IME Stock Portfolio

As of date of publishing (6th April 2015), I have identified two stocks that passed Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. The two stocks are:
  • OKA (7140) - Fair Value : RM0.945
  • HUA YANG (5062) - Fair Value : RM2.10

These stocks will be parked under the portfolio "IME Stock Portfolio". The number of units purchased are shown below:

Total Value Invested : RM3990.00

I will further update the progress as time goes.

Stay tune and Happy Investing everyone!

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  1. looks like you pick with OKA turning out well. congrats