Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Just a short sharing which has relevance with my previous post on "Invest In Hong Kong Equities And Stand To Make More Than 30% Return".

I read with interest an article posted in TheStar yesterday. Despite being a small article, the heading "China's Tencent hits US$200bil market cap for the first time" caught my attention immediately as I recalled seeing the company's name somewhere.

So I read the article as shared below (for your reading convenience) :

Tencent Holdings Hits US$200 billion market cap!
The portion (highlighted in the red box) once again mentioned that the recent surge in Hong Kong listed stocks such as Tencent Holdings was largely due to the influx of funds from China. The article also states that it is expected more money to come pouring into Hong Kong*

*Take caution that the "Expect more money going into Hong Kong" claim is posted by the article. I'm in no situation to tell you whether it is still early or it is too late to invest into Hong Kong. That decision to invests into Hong Kong or not lies in your own effort to do sufficient amount of research and due diligence before investing.

Now I mentioned earlier that the name Tencent Holdings looked pretty familiar and so I did some checking again. Lo behold, I discovered that Tencent Holding is one of the key holdings of the the fund that allocates more then 90% of its fund size into Hong Kong Equity market.  

As a matter of fact, Tencent Holding is the top holding of this fund at 10.63% as shown below:

Fund Holdings taken from the Fund Factsheet

As an investor whom has also invested in this fund since 2014, I am more then happy to give credit the Fund's Fund Manager for having the foresight to invest into Tencent Holdings even before the influx of China money started. Kudos and well done!

Cheers and  Happy Investing!

P/S : Like to know more about this fund? Feel free to drop me an email at
P/P/S : I am unable to disclose the name of this fund as it would be deemed bias by other fund houses. So stop accusing me of being a salesman or creating a gimmick. What I am sharing are facts, and my honest opinions.
P/P/P/S : The fund has so far returned me a handsome +50% gain since investing into it from 2014.


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