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Eastspring Investment Asia Pacific Shariah Equity Fund

Latest Research/Reports/Information
  • Announcement : Please be informed that this Fund will be undergoing Soft closure process. The Fund shall not be available for any new subscriptions, switches and/or transfers into the fund effective from 14 December 2015.
Fund Plus Points
  • 31 Dec 2015 : Ranked 1st for 3Yr and Ranked 2nd for 5 Yr Annualized Returns under Category Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan (Syariah) as of 30 Nov 2015
  • 31 Dec 2015 : Ranked 1st for YTD 2015 under Category Equity - Asia Pacific ex-Japan (Syariah) as of 30 Nov 2015 with returns of +31.99%
Fund Information
Asset Class: Equity Islamic
Fund Type: Growth
Geography: Asia Pacific ex Japan
Inception Date: 22/11/2007
Inception Price: RM 0.2500
Fund Currency: RM
Latest Fund Size (MIL): RM 24.597 @ Nov 30 2015
Online Tradeable: Yes

Fund Investment Strategy
Investment Objective :
This Fund seeks medium to long term capital appreciation by investing primarily in Shariah compliant undervalued companies with potential re-rating in the Asia Pacific ex-Japan region.

Investment Policy :

A company may be re-rated for example, when it secures a large/substantial contract or a likehood of an expansion of price earning ratio. We gather such information on corporate developments from fund houses' dailies, websites of stock exchanges and our regional offices globally. We will then identify companies with improving quaterly earning a compared with market consensus for any potential earnings upgrade.

The Fund has the flexibility to pick stocks across countries and industries that comply with the Shariah requirements and include, but are not limited to, Shariah-compliant Asia Pacific equities quoted on recognized Asia Pacific ex-Japan exchanges.

Benchmark :

Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia Pacific ex-Japan IndexSM

Charges and Fees
List of charges and fees as listed below:

Fund Performance
Annual Returns
  • 2014 :  -  2.63%
  • 2013 : +  1.83%
  • 2012 : +14.23%
  • 2011 : -   9.25%
  • 2010 : +  2.17%
  • 2009 : +53.70%
  • 2008 :  -30.02%

Awards & Credentials
Morningstar Fund Rating
  • 4 STAR (30 Nov 2015)
Lipper Fund Awards
  • None
Morningstar Awards
  • None

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  1. Based on info that i have, this fund will be rationalize through soft closure process.

    Any idea?

  2. wmswm, you're absolutely right. I have removed this fund from the recommended list as it is not more available for investors. Thanks for the heads up.