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PMB Shariah Aggresive Fund

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Fund Plus Points
  • 31 Dec 2015 : Ranked 1st for 3Yr and 5 Yr Annualized Returns under Category Equity - Malaysia Mid/Small-cap (Syariah) as of 30 Nov 2015
  • 31 Dec 2015 : Ranked 1st for YTD 2015 under Category Equity - Malaysia Mid/Small-cap (Syariah) as of 30 Nov 2015 with returns of +40.57%
  • 26 Dec 2015 : Ranked 1 out of the Top 20 Best Performing Funds for 2015

Fund Information
Asset Class: Equity
Fund Type: Growth
Geography: Malaysia
Inception Date: 21/11/2005
Inception Price: --
Fund Currency: RM
Latest Fund Size (MIL): RM 31.9 @ Jul 31 2015
Online Tradeable: Yes

Fund Investment Strategy
Investment Objective :
The Fund was formerly known as the Kumpulan Modal Bumiputera Yang Keenam that was launched on 5 May 1972 for bumiputera investors. On 5 May 2005, the unit holders approved the change of investment objective of the Fund as an Islamic Aggressive Fund. The Fund is now opened to public and relaunched with the new strategy targeting investors who seek high capital return at an acceptable level of risks.

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with oppurtunity to earn high capital return over the medium to long term period through the active investment in shariah approved securities listed on the Bursa Malaysia with income distribution considered incidental.

Investment Policy :
To invest at least 70% of the value of the Fund in a diversified portfolio of Shariah based equities through an aggressive selection of stocks with high potential for earning growth in the medium to long term. The Fund will maintain up to 99.5% exposure in equities during the bullish market and conversely, will sunstantially reduce the equities holdings below 70% as a defensive strategy if the bearish market condition is expecting to prolong.

The equity investments of the Fund comprise a diversified portfolio of big capitalization stocks and companies with growth prospect that listed on the Bursa Malaysia. In particular, The Fund Manager focuses on the companies with reasonably high earnings growth over the medium to long term period to maximize the growth potential of the Fund. In identifying such companies, the Fund Manager relies on fundamental research where the financial strength, industry prospects, business operation and management including the healthy past track records of the companies are considered. The Fund will also partake in situational investment with acceptable level of risks. In line with the aggressive nature of the Fund. its portfolio turnover ratio will be higher than that of the normal equity based fund.

Benchmark :

Charges and Fees
List of charges and fees as listed below:

Fund Performance
Annual Returns
  • 2015 : +41.26%
  • 2014 :   - 7.91%
  • 2013 : +47.91%
  • 2012 : +  7.91%
  • 2011 : +  1.92%
  • 2010 : +  4.47%
  • 2009 : +18.28%
  • 2008 :  -44.86%

Awards & Credentials
Morningstar Fund Rating
  • 4 STAR (31 Dec 2015)
Lipper Fund Awards
  • None
Morningstar Awards
  • None

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