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RHB-OSK Gold and General Fund

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Fund Information

Asset Class: Feeder Fund
Fund Type: Growth
Geography: Global
Sector: Precious Metals
Inception Date: 21/07/2009
Inception Price: RM 0.5000
Fund Currency: RM
Latest Fund Size (MIL): RM 119.82 @ Sep 30 2015
Online Tradeable: Yes

Fund Investment Strategy
Investment Objective :
This Fund aims to achieve returns on investment mainly in securities of corporations (whether or not listed on any stock exchange, and in any part of the world) whose business (in any part of the world) is or is substantially in the mining or extraction of gold, silver or precious metals (e.g. platinum, palladium, rhodium etc.), bulk commodities (e.g. coal, iron ore, steel etc.), base metals of all kinds (e.g. copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead tin etc.), and other commodities (e.g. industrial minerals, titanium dioxide, borates etc.) and it includes the mining or extraction of oil, gas, coal and alternative energy or other commodities or other minerals.

Investment Policy :
The Fund will invest principally in one of the funds managed by UOB Asset Management Limited, Singapore (�UOBAM�), that is the United Gold and General Fund (�UGGF�). UGGF, launched in June 1995 is a collective investment scheme domiciled in Singapore and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. UGGF invests in companies involved in the mining and exploration of precious metals, energy and base metals.

Its indicative asset allocation is as follows:

At least 95% of Net Asset Value
- Investments in the units of United Gold and General Fund.

2% - 5% of Net Asset Value
- Investments in liquid assets including money market
instruments and deposits with financial institutions.

Benchmark :
70% FTSE Gold Mines Index + 30% HSBC Global Mining Index

Charges and Fees
List of charges and fees as listed below:

Fund Performance
Annual Returns
  • 2015 : -   4.01%
  • 2014 : - 10.92%
  • 2013 : - 40.59%
  • 2012 : - 11.49%
  • 2011 : - 20.55%
  • 2010 : +18.91%

Awards & Credentials
Morningstar Fund Rating
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Lipper Fund Awards
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Morningstar Awards
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