Saturday, 5 December 2015

Selecting the Best Funds To Invest from eUnittrust Sales Charge Promotion

A couple of days ago, I posted an ongoing Sales Charge promotion by eUnittrust as shown below:

Phillip Capital 25th Anniversary -  0% Sales Charge Promotion
With so many funds (248 to be exact) available for as low as 0% sales charge, a few readers have wrote in asking how to differentiate these funds and which one are the best performing? 

Therefore to make life easier for everyone, I have created an excel file that contains all 248 funds with the following information:
  • Yield to Date (YTD) as of 1st December 2015 (Percentage Returns from 1st Jan 2015 till 1st Dec 2015)
  • Risk Category (Sorted by Low, Moderate or High)
  • Category (Nature of the fund)
By using the filter function in the excel file, I am able to sort the funds according to my preferences. Here are a few sorted information to help you decide:

All Funds with 20% of more YTD:

20% or more YTD (Click to Enlarge Image)

Top 20 Best Performing YTD - High Risk Category:

High Risk - Top 20 (Click to Enlarge Image)

Top 20 Best Performing YTD - Moderate Risk Category:

Moderate Risk - Top 20 (Click to Enlarge Image)

Top 20 Best Performing YTD - Low Risk Category

Low Risk - Top 20 (Click to Enlarge Image)
Other Sorting Suggestions 
You may also use the excel file to sort funds according to Category of investment. This can help you select funds to create a diversified portfolio

If you are into long term investing via small sums (dollar cost averaging), then searching a fund via category and YTD returns can help you decide better.

Searching by Category "Equity Sector" will provide you with list of funds that are invested in precious metal, food, agriculture, etc

Searching by Category "Equity Country Focus" on the other hand will provide you with the list of funds that are invested in a specific country or area.

For Muslim investors, you can also search for the best funds which are Shariah compliant,

There are plenty more ways to utilize the excel file for your own benefit. And if you are interested to obtain the entire excel file for your own personal use, just drop me an email at

Oh by the way, if you've yet to have an eUnittrust account (which allows you to invest into these funds at these super low sales charge), why not register a FREE account now

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