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TA Global Technology Fund

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Fund Plus Points
  • 31 March 17 : Top 10 holdings as of 28th February 2017 consist of:
TA Global Technology Fund Top 10 Holdings as of 28th Feb 2017
  • 21 Feb 15 : Top 10 holdings as of 30th November 2015 consist of:
TA Global Technology Fund Top 10 Holdings as of 30th Nov 2015

Fund Information

Asset Class: Equity
Fund Type: Growth
Geography: Global
Sector: Technology
Inception Date: 26/05/2011
Inception Price: --
Fund Currency: RM
Latest Fund Size (MIL): RM 347.43 @ April 2017 (RM 34.23 @ Sep 30 2015)
Online Tradeable: Yes via eUnittrust

Fund Investment Strategy
Investment Objective :
The Fund aims to seek long term capital appreciation by investing in a
collective investment scheme which invests mainly in a globally diversified portfolio of technology related companies.

Investment Policy :
A minimum of 95% of the Fund's NAV will be invested in the Henderson
Horizon Fund - Global Technology Fund ("the Target Fund"), with the
balance in liquid assets.

The Target Fund aims to take advantage of market trends internationally. The Target Fund takes a geographically diversified approach and operates within broad asset allocation ranges. There are no specified limits on the amounts that the Target Fund can or must invest in any geographical region or single country.

The Manager may adopt a defensive strategy temporarily by maintaining high liquid asset/cash weighting that may be inconsistent with the Fund's principal investment and asset allocation strategy.
The defensive strategy may be necessary to protect the Fund's investment in response to adverse market, economic, political, or any other conditions. As a result, the Fund's performance may diverge from the Target Fund's return and tracking error may increase.

Benchmark :
MSCI All Countries World Information (ACWI)/ Information Technology Index

Charges and Fees
List of charges and fees as listed below:

Fund Performance
Annual Returns
  • 2016 : +  5.18%
  • 2015 : +23.89%
  • 2014 : +15.50%
  • 2013 : +29.27%
  • 2012 : +  7.08%

Awards & Credentials
Morningstar Fund Rating
  • None
Lipper Fund Awards
  • None
Morningstar Awards
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